Publishing with Biblesoft

You don't need to be a big publishing firm - we are always willing to consider self-published material.

What is Biblesoft interested in publishing? 

We publish a wide range of material from Bible versions and commentaries to photos, music, and devotionals. Read the following points to see if your material meets our criteria.

  • Ownership: You must own the publishing rights for the material. If you are an author who has had books published by someone else, you should contact your publisher so that they can work directly with Biblesoft.
  • Mission: Material must be consistent with Biblesoft's mission statement: "Biblesoft is a non-sectarian company with the goal of providing tools to help Christians study the Bible and grow in their relationship with God."
  • Writing Quality: Material must use proper English grammar, syntax, and spelling. Biblesoft will reject material that requires correction of such writing flaws.
  • Content Quality: Material should be consistent with academic standards and scholarly research. In particular, material containing aberrant or unusual interpretations (or translations) of Scripture will likely not be accepted.
  • Contextual Quality: Material should integrate with the rest of the reference works supplied by Biblesoft. Few people want to simply read books on a screen. We are only interested in material that makes references to scripture and/or Biblical topics, or which offers exposition on such so that other reference works can refer back to it. In other words, we generally only want material that will help deepen our customers' libraries - not merely make them larger.
  • Electronic Source: Biblesoft will not convert printed material to an electronic form. You need to provide your material in an electronic form that we can work with. Typically this means plain text, PDF, HTML, RTF, Open Office, or Microsoft Word. If your material is in another electronic form, check with us


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