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Building Your Library

You've started using the PC Study Bible OneTouch program...
where do you go from here?

Biblesoft® offers three major OneTouch library series, designed for different levels of use. Each contains a rich assortment of reference works and resources:

These series offers the best value for you - if the content were to be purchased separately, the cost would be many times higher. However, you may wish to start with smaller collections, or to custom build your Library with items that are of special interest to you. To help you with this, we present a wide range of specialized packages, which you can explore here below:


For those looking to fill out their Library with Commentaries, we offer several valuable packages in addition to the many works and collections available on the store.

Learn Greek

With our Learning Greek and Learning Hebrew study collections you will gain access to Grammars, Commentary, and other helpful resources, including a beginning Greek study course (Learning the Basics of Biblical Greek).
Let us hear from you if you have special interest in original language and text-critical study of the Scriptures!


Our Bible History and Archeology package includes 12 classic and modern works, covering various aspects of Biblical history, as well as the historical background of both Old and New Testaments. This collection also features two valuable introductions to the Dead Sea Scrolls!
If your interest is in Church History, you may want to consider adding our special Church Fathers package, or a featured product such as Schaff's History of the Church or our collection of issues from Christian History Magazine.

We offer many more resources on the store to supplement and build your OneTouch Library. If you are looking for a quick and affordable way to add content, consider some of the following value-priced packages:


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