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One Touch
Custom Build Service

Consolidate your Install Discs into Two Install Files while Accessing Your Content on Windows

Is this an Upgrade?

No, the Custom Build Service is about consolidation and is not considered an upgrade. While it is Powered by the
One Touch Light, it is not an Upgrade and will
NOT Add New Content to your program.

See the List below for the Benefits of Purchasing the 
One Touch Custom Build Service.

Why The Custom Build Service?

This Service give you the Benefits, listed below, of a Working Program on newer systems
without the Extra Cost or Content that a Traditional Library Upgrade normally provides.


Consolidation of Install Files

Gone are the days of installing your previous discs in a confusing and specific order. Consolidating your titles into less than 3 files all contained on a single thumb drive. No more messing with locating each disc or lengthy installation times.


Run Smoothly on Newer Systems

No need to worry about whether or not your Version of PC Study Bible will work on newer operating systems of Windows. The Custom Build Service ensures your content will open as it is powered by the Latest One Touch Light.


Continued Technical Support

PC Study Bible Version 4 and earlier versions are no longer supported and Version 5 is getting close to the end of it's tenure. This Custom Build Service allows you to still access your content by getting the support you need.

What Changes Can I Expect?

Part of the nature of computers is Change and while we have been able to get your content to appear in a New Program, the end result does mean that the program
Layout and Features has changed in Look and Accessiblity.

Check out the Images below to what what kind of
Visual Changes have been made.



Information linked to additional Articles or Verses show up in coloered and underlined text. Double Clicking on this text will open that content in a new Pane.



Link almost every word in your program to an Encyclopedia or Dictionary allowing you to find definitions for many of the words in a title you are reading.



SmartLinks lets you narrow into the meaning behind a single Bible Verse using the Categories instead of linking Words to just the Topics.

Additional Features


Inductive Bible Study

A step by step Bible Study giving you the ability to learn an easy way to Study the Bible and apply it to your walk with God.


Interactive Maps

Locate Bible cities and the Journey of Paul using Interactive Maps that link to Topical Articles or use the Smart Links to open Timelines.



Follw the Journey of Paul or locate Key Cities found through out the Old and New Testament.

System Requirements

Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 (May Require Administrator Rights)

Intel or AMD; 2.0 GHz Recommended (1.4 GHZ Minimum)

8 GB Recommended (4 GB Minimum)

Supports 256 Color Display & 4K Resolution 
(1024 by 768 Minimum)

Mouse or Track Pad; not fully compatible with touch screen

11 GB of Free Space on Hard Drive
USB Port for Installation Purposes
Microsoft Internet Explorer 11

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