Smart Reference

A Smart Reference™ is a unique form of cross-referencing. A Smart Reference™ finds every place where another reference work refers to the current reference. Let's contrast that to a cross-reference: whereas a cross-reference from the Bible to a Commentary will open to the same reference, a similar Smart Reference™ action will find and list every Commentary article that refers to the current Bible passage.

In version 4 of OneTouch, all of the cross-reference and Smart Reference™ items are collected together in the SMARTLinks™ portion of the NavPanel. This organization enables you to quickly and easily examine one related item of information after another.

bm14 Biblesoft® has enhanced many of the Commentaries that it has published in electronic form by displaying the corresponding Strong's number next to any Greek or Hebrew word. As a result, it is possible--and quite useful--to Smart Reference™ from a Strong's definition to a Commentary. That action will list every article in the Commentary that discusses the root word identified by the Strong's number! This powerful feature nicely complements the many other ways that OneTouch® allows you to study the Bible based on the original languages. For additional information see: How to do a Word Study.

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