Click this button to move the highlight to the next word in the current verse and display its Strong's definition.


The simplest method of finding related information is the Next/Previous action. Essentially, you are asking the question, "Are there any other reference works of this type that have information by this same name ?" For example, in a Bible window you can view the current verse in the next or previous Bible version (assuming you have more than one Bible version available to you). Every window type in OneTouch® supports the Next/Previous action. So, in a Commentary window you can view commentary text for the current passage in the next or previous available Commentary. In an Encyclopedia window you can view article text for the same topic, and so forth. Simply click either of the buttons (previous/next reference work respectively, located on the lower toolbar) to move to the next or previous reference work with information stored by the same name. The Next/Previous buttons will be disabled when no other information is available by the same name.

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