Note: Append mode does not effect images. The Clipboard can only hold one image (e.g., a map or photo) at a time, regardless of the Append mode.

Application Dialog

To access these settings, select Options | Preferences | Preferences | Application from the main menu in OneTouch®.

These settings provide control over how OneTouch® will start, and how it will stop.


Confirm Exit - When this setting is enabled bm0, the "Do you want to exit OneTouch" message will appear each time you exit OneTouch®, preventing an accidental exit. When this setting is disabled bm1, an exit action will exit OneTouch® without any prompt.

Autorun - When this setting is enabled bm0, OneTouch® will automatically start each time you place the CD in your CD-ROM drive. (Note: You can "suppress" AutoPlay by pressing, and holding, the Shift key when a CD is placed in the CD-ROM drive--for approximately the first 10-15 seconds, while the system is first reading the newly inserted CD.) When this setting is disabled bm1, the OneTouch® CD will not AutoPlay.

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