Morphological Search Dialog

This dialog allows you to perform a custom Greek Morphological search. There are four general areas to the dialog:

At the top is the word box where a Greek word can be typed in. The drop-down arrow to the right of the box controls the word list, which is a list of valid words in the NA27 New Testament. If the list is showing, then pressing the button makes it go away. If it is not showing, pressing the button makes it visible.

Beneath the word box are buttons which allow you to enter breathing marks or other Greek characters. Also you can click on one of the three types of searches: Form does a search on a specific form of word; Lemma does a search on a lemma (root word); and Any does a search on all words with the specified parsing. On the right side of the dialog are two drop-downs which allow you to select the range of New Testament books to search.