OneTouch Light is a free version of Biblesoft's award-winning Bible study program intended for new users - those who have not yet tried using our study software. It is not meant as an upgrade or replacement for an earlier version of the OneTouch or PC Study Bible programs. This Light version contains a limited number of reference works - a sampling of the Bibles, commentaries, topical reference works, and other resources available from Biblesoft.

Warning: Installing the Light version over a pre-existing OneTouch, PC Study Bible Version 2, 3, 4, or 5 programs will make that version - and all of your reference works - unavailable to you.

OneTouch PC Study Bible Light comes with the following resources:


Commentaries: Encyclopedias and topical reference: Lexicons: Sermon collections: Multimedia: Other reference works and helps:

Minimum system requirements:

License text (EULA)

If you downloaded One Touch PC Study Bible Light prior to April 6, 2019, you should download it again and reinstall it to correct a problem. For best results, uninstall the previous version and then install the new one.
If you downloaded One Touch PC Study Bible Light prior to May 30, 2019, you will not have the Berean Bible. You can either redownload and reinstall, or you can download the free Berean Bible from the Biblesoft store.

Once you have downloaded and installed OneTouch Light, if you would like to obtain more reference works, you can purchase additional titles and products from the Biblesoft store, or order one of our current OneTouch packages. Packages provide a collection of reference works for a price that is less than if you purchased them all separately. For more information on using OneTouch PC Study Bible, see the information page.

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