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User Testimonials

"Just a word to praise your efforts on the new version 5.

It is a tremendous improvement over previous versions, especially in regard to language use.

I have three other bible software programs which I use, yours is head and shoulders above the others.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!"

James B.
Kokomo, Indiana

How do I turn off the User Account Controls in Windows 8?

Use the steps below to turn off the User Account Controls in Windows 8:

  1. Close PC Study Bible.
  2. Choose File Explorer icon on your toolbar.
    Note - If there is no such Icon along the bottom bar, then press and hold the Windows Key and then press “E”. (The Windows Key is in the last row of keys on the Keyboard; usually two keys from the left or right of the Space Bar.) Pressing and then releasing these 2 keys together will open File Explorer.
  3. Click on Favorites.
  4. Click on Desktop.
  5. Click on Control Panel.
  6. Look for a choice labeled USER ACCOUNTS, and Click it.
  7. When this window opens, look to the bottom for a selection labeled, CHANGE USER ACCOUNT CONTROL SETTINGS. Click this choice if it is here.
  8. If that item is not at the bottom of the window, then move to the upper part of the screen and Click USER ACCOUNTS again.
  9. Look at the bottom for the item, CHANGE USER ACCOUNT CONTROL SETTINGS. Click this choice.
  10. On the left side of the screen is a Slider that slides up and down. If this Slider is not already at the bottom, slide it to the bottom, to Never Notify.
  11. This turns off the messages, from Windows, asking you to give permission to run a program.
  12. Click the OK, and then Click Yes, to make changes to the system.
  13. On some Windows 7 systems, there will be a Button near the bottom of the screen for Restarting the System. If this Button is there, Click it to shut down and restart the computer.
  14. If this Button is not there, close the Settings Window and the Control Panel Screen, and Shut down and Restart the System.
  15. Once the computer has restarted, the User Account Control will be turned off.
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