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User Testimonials

"Just a word to praise your efforts on the new version 5.

It is a tremendous improvement over previous versions, especially in regard to language use.

I have three other bible software programs which I use, yours is head and shoulders above the others.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!"

James B.
Kokomo, Indiana

How can I make a Back Up of PC Study Bible?

The best thing to back up in PC Study Bible are your titles, aka Reference Works. This will make transferring over your program easier if you have a lot of additional titles not already in your program CD or library disc. These instruction can be used for Versions 3, 4 & 5.

These instructions are for making and using a Back Up of the Ref Works folder on Vista and Windows 7 systems, that have PC Study Bible installed.

Windows XP is slightly different, but is very similar. You will need to have a Flash Drive that has about 4 GB of Free Space. Another name for a Flash Drive is, Thumb Drive, Memory Stick, etc.

  1. Close PC Study Bible if it happens to be running.

  2. Plug the Flash Drive into one of the USB Ports of the Computer. (Usually on the front panel)

  3. Wait a few moments for the System to recognize the Flash Drive. The System may pop up a window that gives you several choices, such as Opening the Folders to view files, or to Play Music, or a video if the Flash Drive has some of these type of files stored upon it. Close out the pop up window.

  4. Click the Start Button in the lower left corner.

  5. Then Click COMPUTER. (Or MY COMPUTER if Win XP)

  6. This will give a list of all drives on the System. Look for, but do not Click the Flash Drive. Find and remember the drive letter for the Flash Drive. (Could be E:, F:, G:, or some other alphabet letter.)

  7. Now Double Click Drive C: to open this drive to view the contents.

  8. Look for the Folder PROGRAM FILES X86 If this Folder is listed, Double Left Click this Folder to open it up.

    (On Systems that are only 32 bit, the above folder will be named PROGRAM FILES)

  9. Look for the Folder named BIBLESOFT, and Double Click it to open it.

  10. Now open the Folder, PC STUDY BIBLE

  11. Look for the folder, REF WORKS.

  12. Put the Mouse cursor upon REF WORKS and press the Right Mouse Button once.

  13. Choose, SEND TO in the Menu.

  14. Then Left Click the Drive letter that is the Flash Drive.

  15. This will copy the entire Ref Works folder to the Flash Drive. This folder contains all of the Bibles, Dictionaries, Commentaries etc. in PC Study Bible.

    Depending upon the size of this folder, it may take a couple minutes to several minutes to copy this folder.

To use this Back Up when Reinstalling, do the following:

Find the main Library disc for PC Study Bible. This could be v3, v4, or even v5. This main Library has to be installed first as it is the foundation for everything else.

  1. Once the main Library has been installed, the Back Up Ref Works Folder can be copied and Pasted in to the correct place.

  2. Get the Flash drive that holds the Back Up Ref Works Folder and plug it into the system.

  3. When the pop up window comes up, choose to Open Folders to view the files.

  4. Find the REF WORKS folder and Right Click it one time.

  5. In the Menu that comes up, Left Click COPY.

  6. Now close the pop up window so you are back to the Windows Desk Top.

  7. Choose the START Button, in the lower left corner.

  8. Choose COMPUTER.

  9. Open Drive C:

  10. Look for the folder PROGRAM FILES or PROGRAM FILES X86 and Open it.

  11. Look for and Double Click the BIBLESOFT folder.

  12. The folder you should see is named PC STUDY BIBLE and you want to Right Click this folder.

  13. In the Menu, Left Click PASTE.

  14. Windows will tell you that there is a folder of this name already here and do you wish to merge. Say YES.

  15. Windows will start copying the files from the Flash drive to the REF WORKS folder. When the copy process runs into a file, of the same name, Windows will ask what to do.

  16. Near the bottom of the window, there will be a line of text stating to do this for the next (Number), of conflicts. Put a Check mark here and then Click, COPY and REPLACE.

  17. Windows may ask for Permission, go ahead and give it.

  18. The time needed to copy all the files depends upon how many files to be copied. A couple minutes to a few minutes is common.

  19. When the Copy has finished, Install the latest Upgrades and Update discs if you have any. An example: If you have a version 5 of PC Study Bible on the old machine, and you wish to install everything to a new system. You may start with a v4 library, then copy the Back Up REF WORKS folder on top of that, as described above, and then install the newest v5 Upgrade and/or Update.

At the end of this, you should have all of the Bibles, Dictionaries, Downloaded Titles and any General Books that were in PC Study Bible on your old system, now on your new system.

You can make a back up of the PC Study Bible folder using the attached instructions. They are very similar to the instructions above, but they have a few differences. If you do make a Back Up of the PC Study Bible folder, then you will need to download and install a free basic program of PC Study Bible by clicking here.

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