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User Testimonials

"Just a word to praise your efforts on the new version 5.

It is a tremendous improvement over previous versions, especially in regard to language use.

I have three other bible software programs which I use, yours is head and shoulders above the others.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!"

James B.
Kokomo, Indiana

How do I remove Reference Works with a (2) after them?

Situations where you might need to do these instructions...

  1. You installed a V4 Upgrade Bonus (BON-50PD) CD or V4 Upgrade Bonus (BON-50PD-2) CD
  2. You went to www.BiblesoftExchange.com and downloaded some of the free reference works.
  3. Some of the free reference works are also on the above CDs, so the free download is a duplicate.  As a duplicate, you see (2) after the name, for example:
    Geneva Notes (2)
  4. You want to remove certain reference works, in order to save space, or simply because you don't want to have them installed any more.  (In this case, the reference work name will *not* show a "(2)".  )

How do I fix this?

  1. Start PC Study Bible
  2. Open the reference work (Bible, Commentary, Book, etc.) which shows the "(2)" to any verse or section.
  3. Click on the Copyright (letter "c" in a circle) in the row of buttons across the bottom of the screen.
  4. A dialog opens with tabs across the top.
  5. Click on the General tab.
  6. About halfway down the dialog it says File Name
  7. Read along that line until you find the last (right-most) backslash "\"
  8. Write down everything you see to the right of the last backslash, e.g. RW000109_Geneva++.JSR
  9. Click Cancel on the dialog.
  10. Close the open reference work.
  11. Repeat the steps above for all the other reference works which show "(2)".
  12. Close PC Study Bible.
  13. On your Windows desktop (where all the icons are displayed), right-click on the PC Study Bible 4 icon (shortcut)
  14. Left-click on Properties
  15. The Properties dialog appears.
  16. At the bottom, left-click on the Find Target button.
  17. This opens a folder called Program (this is the default name)
  18. In the menu across the top of the window, left-click on View > Go To > Up One Level.  (On some older Windows versions, Go To will be to the right of View, rather than under it, so you click Go To > Up One Level).
  19. You now see several folders.
  20. Double-click on the folder RefWorks (this is the default name)
  21. In the resulting window, left-click on the View menu and left-click on Details.
  22. The window now shows one item per row, usually in alphabetical order.
  23. Now it gets a little tricky....  For every one file you wrote down, there are actually 2-3 files that you need to delete.  (a JIX and a JSR, and maybe a BIL).  Note: never delete the files which start KJV... because those are required for normal operation of PC Study Bible.
  24. For example, if you wrote down RW000109_Geneva++.JSR   ....
  25. Find RW000109_Geneva++.JSR
  26. Right-click on RW000109_Geneva++.JSR
  27. Left-click on Delete
  28. Left-click Yes to confirm the file deletion.
  29. Find RW000109_Geneva++.JIX
  30. Right-click on RW000109_Geneva++.JIX
  31. Left-click on Delete
  32. Left-click Yes to confirm the file deletion.
  33. Work through these steps for all the files you wrote down.
  34. When you are finished, left-click the "X" button in the top right corner to close this window.
  35. Left-click Cancel on the Properties window.
  36. Start PC Study Bible.
  37. All the reference works which say "(2)" should be gone now.
  38. You're finished.
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