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User Testimonials

"Just a word to praise your efforts on the new version 5.

It is a tremendous improvement over previous versions, especially in regard to language use.

I have three other bible software programs which I use, yours is head and shoulders above the others.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!"

James B.
Kokomo, Indiana

Release Notes for 4.2F Update

The 4.2F Update was only available as a download; it was never available on CD.  We expect that the 4.2G Update will be available on CD.  The references below to "CD" will be removed when the 4.2G Update CD is available.

  • See the 100% CPU issue described in KB691
  • This CD does work to update a 4.2B Basic Edition.
  • When this add-on is installed from CD over the PC Study Bible Basic Edition 4.2B, you gain the following features.   By itself, the Basic Edition does not contain these features.

  • Englishman's Concordance appears under Greek/Hebrew > By Strong's Number.
  • Strong's Greek/Hebrew Dictionary (by verse) appears under Greek/Hebrew > By Verse.  When you double-click on any Strong's number in Strong's Greek/Hebrew Dictionary (by verse), you'll see a message that there is no definition.
  • Morning and Evening appears under Books > General Books > Works of Charles Spurgeon.
  • Biblesoft Hymnal appears under Media > Music.
  • I have already downloaded the 4.2F from your website.  Do I need this CD?  The CD contains updates to certain reference work files.  In order to save space (and thereby shorten your download time), the internet download does not include these reference work updates.  There is a change for this CD.  Details to follow.
  • Caution: The first time you run PC Study Bible after installing this add-on, do not run Options > Setup Helper.  It will fail and cause PC Study Bible to freeze.  However, if you avoid Options > Setup Helper and close PC Study Bible normally after the first run, then run PC Study Bible again, Options > Setup Helper will work fine from then on.
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