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User Testimonials

"Just a word to praise your efforts on the new version 5.

It is a tremendous improvement over previous versions, especially in regard to language use.

I have three other bible software programs which I use, yours is head and shoulders above the others.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!"

James B.
Kokomo, Indiana

If I type a Bible reference, tag it, and then continue typing, the text that I am typing "disappears."

We have made every effort to make the Biblesoft Authoring System as easy to use (or "non-technical") as possible.  Therefore, we tried to make your pre-compiled Word document appear as closely as possible to what it will look like when viewed in PC Study Bible.  The way we accomplished this was through Word text styles.  Various styles are applied to indicate different types of embedded items, to reflect formatting, and so forth – and the actual Biblesoft Authoring System tags are hidden!  Hence, when you tag an item and then begin typing immediately after it, the text that you are typing is picking up the very last text style used—which happens to be hidden!

Two things.  First, the safest thing to do is to enter your raw content, then go back as a separate step and tag it.  Second, you can click on the Show/Hide button on the Word toolbar (it looks like a paragraph symbol) to "peek behind the curtain," so to speak, and see how the Biblesoft Authoring System works.  However, be extremely careful when viewing your source document in this fashion, since the Biblesoft Authoring System has no means of recovering if you inadvertently alter any of the tags!

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