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User Testimonials

"Just a word to praise your efforts on the new version 5.

It is a tremendous improvement over previous versions, especially in regard to language use.

I have three other bible software programs which I use, yours is head and shoulders above the others.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!"

James B.
Kokomo, Indiana

Release Notes for the Through The Year devotionals

This article covers both the CD versions of these add-ons and the web download versions.  Some Release Notes refer only to the CD versions, other Release Notes refer only to the web download versions, and other Release Notes are common to both versions.

Release Notes for All Versions (CD & Web)

  • In Version 4, how do I choose a devotional as my default, or change the type size of the devotional?
    If you don't see a devotional on the screen already, click the Switch to Devotions shortcut.  Once any devotional is displayed, click Options in the top right corner of the devotional area.
  • One or more of the Through the Year devotionals are missing from the daily devotionals area
    See KB785.
  • In Version 5, the changes I make under Desktop Options don't take effect.  See KB942. For example, I can't set a Through The Year devotional as my default.
  • Release Notes for the CD Versions

    Release Notes for the 4.2F-2 CDs:

  • These notes cover the following CDs:
  • Through the Year (3 volume collection)  (THRUY 4.2F-2) (SBB00342THROUGHT0505)
  • Courageous Faith - Through the Year  (COUFA 4.2F-2) (SBB00344COURAGEO0505)
  • Hearing God - Through the Year (HEAGO 4.2F-2) (SBB00345HEARINGG0505)
  • My Heart - Christ's Home - Through the Year (MYHEA 4.2F-2) (SBB00346MYHEARTC0505)
  • All earlier Release Notes also apply to these add-on CDs.
  • These CDs solve the GRAMCORD parsing issue described by KB699
  • These CDs add Tutorial information by linking Help > Tutorial to downloads on the Biblesoft web site.
  • Caution: The first time you run PC Study Bible after installing this add-on, do not run Options > Setup Helper.  It will fail and cause PC Study Bible to freeze.  However, if you avoid Options > Setup Helper and close PC Study Bible normally after the first run, then run PC Study Bible again, Options > Setup Helper will work fine from then on.
  • These CDs solve the Bible Exposition Commentary: New Testament issue described by KB714
  • Unfortunately, if you are in the United Kingdom or Europe, and therefore have the New International Version (NIV) (Anglicized) installed, installing this CD will change your NIV to the non-Anglicized.  Contact Technical Support for the solution.
  • Release Notes for the 4.2F CDs:

  • These notes cover the following CDs:
  • Through the Year (3 volume collection)  (THRUY 4.2F) (SBB00342THROUGHT0405)
  • Courageous Faith - Through the Year  (COUFA 4.2F) (SBB00344COURAGEO0405)
  • Hearing God - Through the Year (HEAGO 4.2F) (SBB00345HEARINGG0405)
  • My Heart - Christ's Home - Through the Year (MYHEA 4.2F) (SBB00346MYHEARTC0405)
  • Each of the CDs includes an upgrade to version 4.2F.  This upgrade works over any release of version 4 except the version 4 Limited Edition.
  • If you install the CD over the version 4.2B Basic Edition, PC Study Bible will freeze (not respond) the first time you start it after installing one of these CDs.  Use Ctl-Alt-Del to "end task" on PC Study Bible.  Once PC Study Bible is closed, you can open it again and it will work fine.
  • Release Notes for the Web Download Versions

    What version of PC Study Bible do I need to use the web download of these add-ons?  These downloads were designed for version 4.2F so it is best to download version 4.2F before downloading one of these add-ons.  However, if you download these add-ons to version 4.2B (or 4.2C or 4.2D or 4.2E) the devotional content will not appear on the desktop where Spurgeon's devotional appears but does appear under Books > Through the Year.  If you then download 4.2F after installing these add-ons, you'll have the same good results as if you had downloaded the 4.2F before the add-ons.  Download version 4.2F.


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