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User Testimonials

"Just a word to praise your efforts on the new version 5.

It is a tremendous improvement over previous versions, especially in regard to language use.

I have three other bible software programs which I use, yours is head and shoulders above the others.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!"

James B.
Kokomo, Indiana

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There were 11 questions found in this category:

  1. questionCan I run my Version 2 on a newer operating system?
    Please know that we no longer offer Technical Support on Version 3.3a and earlier, including the Version 2.1 due to a lack of compatibility with newer operating systems. You may be able to get your program to run using the instructions below. How to Install Version 2.1 on Vista and Windows 7Rea ...
  2. questionWBIBLE caused a General Protection Fault in module ANNOTEUI.DLL at ...
    There are two files to this article (annoteui.dll and annotedb.dll). Do not open them. Save them to the following folder: C:\PCStudy\Program If asked to overwrite existing files, choose YES. Now try running PC Study Bible again. It should work.
  3. questionDuring the installation of PC Study Bible Version 2, I encountered an error in Module Setup.exe. Is there anything I can try before contacting Technical Support?
    **1** This workaround may help: Try installing the program again. This time, when the Search Window appears, click the CANCEL SEARCH button on that box. Cancel the search alone; and do it as quickly as you can. Then continue with the installation. This trick only works for version 2.1 or la ...
  4. questionSETUP caused a General Protection Fault in module SETUP.EXE at ...
    If you are installing Version 2 of PC Study Bible, the solution to this error message is given by KB614.
  5. questionMy Bible Reading Plan keeps telling me Iíve entered an invalid date. How can I get it to configure a plan?
    There are numerous variables that affect the Bible Study Reading Plan. You will first want to check your system's Date Settings. 1. Choose START, SETTINGS, and CONTROL PANEL. 2. Double-click REGIONAL SETTINGS. 3. Select the DATE tab. 4. The Short Date Style needs to be: M/d/yy 5. The Long Da ...
  6. questionWhat do the copy macros actually do?
    GetBibleRef This will place a Scripture in Word 97. The PC Study Bible program must be open for this process to work. On a blank line in Word, type a valid Bible reference (with a proper book title or abbreviation). Leave the cursor on the same line as the Bible Reference. Choose INSERT from ...
  7. questionIíve heard there is a way to import Scripture directly to my word processor. How do I set up this Dynamic Data Link?
    Instructions to set up the Biblesoft Macros are included in the ReadMe file. For MS Word 97ô: (If you use Word Perfect 8 as your word processor, click here.) 1. Copy the GetRef97.doc from the \PCStudy\Program sub-directory to the \My Documents (located on the same drive as you Word ...
  8. questionIíve installed the Greek-Hebrew Bible, but it disappears after I shut down. How can I keep the Greek-Hebrew Bible as a permanent option?
    First, if Windows did not automatically initialize your Greek-Hebrew fonts, then: 1. Close down your version of PC Study Bible. 2. Click on START--> SETTINGS-->CONTROL PANEL. 3. Double click FONTS to open the fonts folder. 4. A list of fonts will now be displayed, hopefully in alphabetical ...
  9. questionIíve installed the entire PC Study Bible to my hard drive, but every time I start it up, I am prompted to insert my CD. How can I remove this prompt?
    1. Make sure the PC Study Bible application is not running. 2. Go to the FIND window. Windows 3.1 users: a. Go to PROGRAM MANAGER b. Click on FILE from the top tool bar and select RUN. c. Type WINFILE on the Command Line. d. Select FILE from the top tool bar of the FILE MANAGER. e. Choose SEARC ...
  10. questionHow do I open Thayerís or Brown-Driver-Briggsí Definitions?
    Both the Thayer's and the Brown-Driver-Briggs' Definitions can be accessed from the Strong's definition box. Simply display a Strong's definition by highlighting a Strong's number and then clicking on the Strong's button. When the Strong's definition is displayed, pr ...
  11. questionHow do I print from PC Study Bible Version 2?
    1. Open your PC Study Bible program. 2. Win95 users skip this step. Use the ALT-TAB key combination to go back to your Program Manager. To use the ALT-TAB feature: Hold down the ALT button on your keyboard, press and release the TAB button once, then let up on the ALT button. This returns you ...

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