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User Testimonials

"Just a word to praise your efforts on the new version 5.

It is a tremendous improvement over previous versions, especially in regard to language use.

I have three other bible software programs which I use, yours is head and shoulders above the others.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!"

James B.
Kokomo, Indiana

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There were 21 questions found in this category:

  1. questionHow do I download and then access a file from your website?
    All files that can be downloaded at Biblesoft start the same way; by clicking on the file name or for the link for the download. For further help with accessing titles you have just purchased click here. Getting passed that can vary from browser to browser. For a complete set of instructions on ...
  2. questionMy Greek and Hebrew fonts show up as random symbols. How can I fix this?
    There are times when we have observed Windows either losing these Fonts, or they never were installed. If the Greek or Hebrew text is showing up as random gibberish or not showing up at all, then for what ever reason, there are no Greek or Hebrew fonts available to Windows. The following steps ...
  3. questionHow can I make a Back Up of PC Study Bible?
    The best thing to back up in PC Study Bible are your titles, aka Reference Works. This will make transferring over your program easier if you have a lot of additional titles not already in your program CD or library disc. These instruction can be used for Versions 3, 4 & 5. These instructions ...
  4. questionHow do I turn off the User Account Controls in Windows 8?
    Use the steps below to turn off the User Account Controls in Windows 8: Close PC Study Bible. Choose File Explorer icon on your toolbar. Note - If there is no such Icon along the bottom bar, then press and hold the Windows Key and then press “E”. (The Windows Key is in the last row ...
  5. questionHow do I tell what Operating System I am running and whether it is a 32 bit or a 64 bit?
    It is good to know what Operating System you are using when running PC Study Bible. This can help Technical Support determine possible solutions for any problem you might come across. Click on the Operating System below to find system information: Windows XP Vista and Windows 7 Windows 8 and RT ...
  6. questionIs there a Macintosh version of PC Study Bible?
    The answer is "Yes and No." Yes, we hear there is a way to run PC Study Bible on the Apple Macintosh (Mac) and it works great. (See below.) No, Biblesoft has not written a version of PC Study Bible specifically for the Apple Macintosh operating systems (OS). If you are currently running PC Stu ...
  7. questionYou have a different version of "My Personal Notes" installed
    This problem is usually solved by simple adding a Study Note anywhere within PC Study Bible. To add a Study Note: 1) Open PC Study Bible 2) Open a Bible to any verse 3) Click on "Display/Hide Study Notes" (paperclip on lower toolbar) 4) Select the option to "create a study note for this verse" 5 ...
  8. questionPC Study Bible and Netbook Computers (KB1054)
    Q: Will PC Study Bible work on a netbook computer? A: Yes, if the netbook computer meets the system requirements for your version of PC Study Bible. Another name for a netbook is UMPC (Ultra Mobile Portable Computer). Q: My netbook computer does not have a CD/DVD drive. How do I install PC Stu ...
  9. questionMy antivirus program gives a warning about a Biblesoft file (KB1052)
    There is a file, pcsbdn.exe, which is distributed in many Biblesoft products and downloads. Many antivirus programs give a warning about this file. These are false alarms. There is nothing wrong with this file. We are working with each antivirus vendor to solve this problem. For further det ...
  10. questionHow to uninstall PC Study Bible Version 3 or 4 or 5 (KB1053)
    The uninstall tool in this article is more thorough than any uninstall previously released by Biblesoft. Likewise, it equals or surpasses any manual uninstall instructions previously available in the knowledgebase or elsewhere. 1. Download the uninstall program by clicking here. Choose to Save ...
  11. questionHow do I use materials from PC Study Bible in compliance with copyright laws?
    Often we get asked by customers if they can quote material from PC Study Bible. These are often referred to as "permissions requests", "copyright requests" or sometimes "publication requests". In some cases, people are preparing papers for a specific class assignment, some want to create hand-o ...
  12. questionWhat do the code letters mean in the GRAMCORD parsing?
    The New Testament Interlinear Bible in the Advanced Reference Library (versions 3/4/5, and the Professional Reference Library - version 5) includes the GRAMCORD parsing. This table explains each code used in the parsing. Parsing codes courtesy of The GRAMCORD Institute, (C) 2004. All rights r ...
  13. questionI am having technical problems with PC Study Bible. Do I need a replacement or update CD from Biblesoft?
    If you are having technical problems with PC Study Bible and you are wondering if the solution is a replacement or update CD, click here to send an email to Biblesoft Technical Support. Please provide the following information: A description of the problem you are trying to solve. Your nam ...
  14. questionIs there a version of PC Study Bible for Linux?
    While PC Study Bible can be run under some Windows emulators on Linux, PC Study Bible has not been written to run on native Linux. Biblesoft does not support PC Study Bible on Linux. This knowledgebase article is not an endorsement of any product or company. However, we have heard the followi ...
  15. questionComplete Subject Bible
    The Complete Subject Bible is an unauthorized copy of an older version of PC Study Bible. As a result we do not offer technical support for the product. For information on our PC Study Bible libraries, please click here.
  16. questionHow do I turn off my anti-virus software?
    The installation instructions say to turn off my anti-virus program before installing PC Study Bible and add-ons. How do I do this? Usually, your anti-virus program, if active, will show a little icon at the right-hand end of your Start bar, to the left of where the time is displayed. Put you ...
  17. questionWhile installing the Puritan Collection CD, I get a CRC error. What do I do?
    Look on the printed side of the CD, to the left of the hole. If the code in the oval circle says "PurC 42B", contact Customer Service to get a replacement CD, free of charge. The CD which corrects this problem says "PurC 42B-2" (or later) in the oval to the left of the hole. We apologize for t ...
  18. questionWhat is the purpose of the free reference work "Contents of Outlines and Supplements"?
    Prior to the Global Search feature introduced with version 4.2, there was no easy way to search all of the Outlines and Supplements. An enterprising PC Study Bible user created a reference work listing the contents of all the Outlines and Supllements. By searching within this one reference wo ...
  19. questionWhy do I see New Ungerís Bible Dictionary under Books > Outlines, but not under Topics?
    The outline portion of New Unger's Bible Dictionary is licensed differently from the topical (dictionary) portion, and the outline portion is included in version 4.2 libraries (New Reference Library, Discovery Reference Library) which do not have New Unger's Bible Dictionary under Topics.
  20. questionWhat reference works are included in the Puritan Classics Collection?
    The Puritan Classics Collection installs in the General Books section within the Books category. The Puritan Classics Collection contains these authors and titles:
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