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What some are saying...

“I'm interested in the 12 volume sermon outline commentary,
I just wish I could see a little more out [sic] works before purchasing it…”

“…faster response to item and page changes.
Any way you could indicate what items are included with a certain version?”

“Well organized, functional. Enjoy your study library.”

We're so excited to finally be launching our new store, we've marked all our add-ons at 60% off!

Why are we doing this? Two Reasons:

  1. We need your help – we want you to look over the new store and send us feedback* so that we can make it better.
  2. We are asking you to introduce us to your friends who might not have used PC Study Bible. We know they’ll love our new store!

How does it work? Nothing to fill out and really simple. No coupons codes on this one. The discounts are on the items and will be there for two weeks. Just order – we trust you for the rest.

So, come by the store and order and get 60% off any of our add-ons. Perhaps there are some add-ons that you have been wanting but were waiting on. This is your chance!

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* We are still working on importing your order history. Thank you for your patience, we're working hard to have it finished as quickly as possible.

* Due to licensing restrictions we are unable to offer the following titles at additional discounts: Bauer, Danker, Arndt, and Gingrich Greek-English Lexicon of the New Testament – Third Edition(BDAG), Biblical Counseling Keys, Dictionary of Hermeneutics, MorningStar Premium Library, The Pentecostal Library (Horton), Systematic Theology: An Introduction to Biblical Doctrine, Download and (CD ST42) Versions (Grudem).