Introducing the Visual Bible Image Archive
From Dr. V. Gilbert Beers

Do you teach classes or publish Bible lessons? – Do you find yourself searching for  pictures, maps or illustrations?  Great color images from Bible history?  Look no further!

Biblesoft announces its launch of The Visual Bible Image Archive series – 6 volumes, with 8,500 images and  accompanying text, by Dr. V. Gilbert Beers.

Here is an amazing opportunity to get top visual material from one of the most beloved Bible story authors, image archivists, and archaeology students of our time.  Dr. Beers has served as Editorial Director at David C. Cook Publishing, Editor of Christianity Today, Moody, and numerous other teaching and writing posts. He has  authored over 150 books, with 13 million copies in print, and won many publishing awards. Collecting visual imagery for Bible stories has been a passion of his, and Visual Bible Image Archive  series represents 50 years of his effort.. 

With a Suggested Retail Price of $179.99, we are offering it this week at a 50% discount – only $89.98.

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But – there is even more!  -- Dr. Beers is also the creator of the classic Book of Life 22-vol. set, and Biblesoft has it on a 50% discount for this week.

Heralded by such greats as Billy Graham and John MacArthur, the Book of Life set has become a family Bible study classic.

Dr. Beers has produced a commendable, fascinating and useful BOOK OF LIFE. This masterpiece is a biblical tool which will be helpful for families and for individuals who wish to know what the Bible says and how it applies to daily life. I recommend it highly to those who wish to dig more deeply into the Word of God.
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And now, we offer an even better Combined Price - the best deal we can make - to celebrate Dr. Beers’ work:

For a limited time only, you can buy both of these classic works by Dr. Beers together at more than a 60% Discount!

To get this deal, add the NEW Visual Bible Image Archive (6-sets, 8,500 images with accompanying text) – complete with archaeological and historical information – and the time-honored, 22-volume classic Book of Life set to your cart and then use coupon code VGB60 at checkout.

Once again – that is Visual Bible Image Archive series  - reg. $179 - and the classic Book of Life 22 volume set, both edited by Dr. Beers, - reg. $249 for the combined price of 169.96 (SRP 418.99) - That is OVER 60% off!

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