The Popular New Testament
3 Easy-to-Read Commentaries for New Testament Study

Experience Three Popular Layman's NT commentaries from a golden era of preaching.

These lively and easily-scannable works are loaded with nuggets of wisdom as well as rich visual language - a boon to any teacher, writer or speaker looking for descriptive language to spur the imagination. They were written in an era when the English language was at its peak in its ability to carry expression and rich ideas.

Your advantage in having a set like this in your library is manifold. First, there is always an advantage to having solid summaries of New Testament books that are easy to scan, especially when preparing lessons or writing on short notice. Second, even though late 19th century writers tended to write long sentences, the better writers (such as these) often packed such good observations and powerful terminology into their sentences that they produced very rich visual language. This helps even the modern teacher to come up with better ideas of your own to enrich your presentation.

Even though they were brief, the popular New Testaments of the late 1800's were still very good commentaries and delved into deep thinking in many points. Their purpose was to open up deeper study resources to those who had not been to seminary, as well as to help the many new converts who were just getting into Bible study.

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